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WISY critical 4 step rainwater harvesting items

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If you want build a good rainwater harvesting system that will deliver a good quality rainwater to your house or factory you have to include these 4 critical elements in your design

1. A good primary filter. This removes small organic items from the water before it enters the tank. There will be no sludge buildup in the tank and water quality will be superb. You can either install a downspout filter or a vortex filter. Filters are sized according to the size of the roof from where they will recover the rain water.

2. Low disturbance inflow. Designed to supply fresh water to the bottom of the tank without disturbing the bottom organic layer. This thin layer plays a critical role in cleaning the water and removing bacteria in a natural way. You do not want to disturb this layer.

3. Floating suction. This allows you to draw off the water for the tank with your pump form the top layer of the tank - Here you find the old water with less oxygen. Removing this layer of water first makes sure the water in the tank remains fresh at all times with the bottom oxygen rich water assisting the organic layer to clean the water naturally.

4. Multisyphon overflow. You want to prevent foreign matter to enter the tank and ensure that the top layer of water overflows first form the tank when it overflows.  If you have an underground rainwater tank this is a must.


All these items you will find on our online site where you can purchase all or individually. 


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