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About Us

Our  company that specialize in the design, installation and commissioning of rainwater harvesting and backup water systems in South Africa.

Please contact us from our main website

After many request we have now opened an on-line shop where our customers can purchase rainwater equipment in order to build or maintain their own rainwater Harvesting systems.

Our business is located in the Durban South Basin - Unit 4 Vista Park, 1 Ashgate rd. 

The objective of our engineering design team is to save our customers money by effectively designing systems that will recover rainwater and ensure that the premises have good quality water at all times even if the municipal supply is interrupted.

Rainwater harvesting can be combined with backup water installations, groundwater (boreholes) and grey water recovery installations. Our objective is to optimise the use of water for our customers.
Installations range from small garden units, household systems, to commercial rainwater recovery installation


We have been successfully designing and installing rainwater Harvesting systems since 2011.