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About Us

The company is an industry leading firm that specialize in the design, installation and commissioning of residential, commercial and industrial rainwater harvesting, water treatment  and water backup water systems in Southern Africa. We have been successfully designing and installing rainwater Harvesting systems since 2011. 

We have consulted on, and completed a number of very successful rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment installations all over Southern Africa. Our head office is based in Durban South Africa where we have  an expert group of consultants, engineers and designers. We offer our clients a complete "water use" assessment service and develop detail water recovery and saving plans, that together with rainwater harvesting can be integrated into the property before or after construction.

Our company was one of the first large rainwater harvesting companies in South Africa and our knowledgeable staff have combined experience of over 35 years in the water business. We are also the leading provider of specialist rainwater harvesting equipment and solutions from our Partners  WISY AG  based in Germany. As partner within the WISY group we use their expert technology and advice in designing sustainable and reliable rainwater harvesting systems.

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Major rainwater harvesting system at factory in Durban