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Wisy RS 110mm Rain collector - for 100/150 sqm roof

  • R 1,99000

WiSY RS rain collector. 

Can be used on gutter downpipes for house and factories. 

For roof areas up to 200 m² (tropical climate: 100 m²) The downpipe stays clean

See example of an installation here 

As with all WISY filters, the cross-sectional area for rainwater flow does not change at any point inside the filter, i.e. to ensure the free flow of water, the cross section is not restricted at any point. There is no risk of blockage even during torrential rainfall events which may flush large quantities of debris into the filter. Even a tennis ball could fall unobstructed through the filter. The hydraulic efficiency of the filter is excellent. In average rainfall, over 90% of the run-off rainwater will be filtered and collected.

Operating principle and applications

The filter collector is installed in the vertical rainwater downpipe. It filters the runoff rainwater from the roof before discharging the filtered water through the outlet connection to the storage tank. Its filter insert is made of a fine stainless-steel mesh with a mesh size of only 0.28 mm. Leaves, moss and other debris entrained in the rainwater are reliably filtered out and flushed away through the downpipe to the soakaway or drain.

Rainwater cleansed by this filter is in a perfect condition for tank storage and for subsequent use in the washing machine or for flushing toilets and general household cleaning. No further filtering of the water is required.

See this video that explains how it works 

See this video to see a simulation

Oxygen enrichment

The filtering process by the RainCollector RS produces oxygen-rich water. The high oxygen content further enhances the water quality and inhibits the growth of undesirable anaerobic organisms.


The housing of RainCollector RS is made of UV-resistant polypropylene, suitable for tropical sunlight. The filter element is made of stainless steel. The RainCollector RS has an inlet diameter directly fitting for 110 mm round pipes. Smaller or square downpipes can be connected with an adapter.

10 years guaranty

The components are manufactured using the latest production techniques and are required to undergo the most rigorous quality control to ensure trouble-free operation. In the unlikely occurrence that parts do prove defective, WISY will guarantee replacement for 10 years.Mount it in a 110mm downpipe and recover 95% of water from the roof section.Connect the outlet to your tank. Self cleaning filter screen. We will provide detail fitting instructions. 

Ideal for small factories and houses with big roof areas.

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