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WFF300 Vortex filter - For 3000sqm roof

  • R 99,00000

These specialised units are designed for recovering and filtering rainwater of roof areas in excess of 1500 m² (16,146 sq.ft.) roof . See example here of such an installation 

Ideal for Large roof areas, Residential buildings, Shopping centres and sport facilities. Can also be used in process water applications. 

Operating principle and applications

The vortex fine filter 300 is installed below ground in the horizontal rainwater pipe. It filters the rainwater that flows in at the side of the filter unit and releases the filtered rainwater to the storage tank. Its filter insert is made of a fine stainless-steel mesh with a mesh size of only 0.38 mm. Leaves, moss and other debris entrained in the rainwater are reliably filtered out and flushed away to the soakaway or drain.

Rainwater cleansed by this filter is in a perfect condition for tank storage and for subsequent use in the washing machine or for flushing toilets and general household cleaning. It is also ideal for use in sports or equestrian facilities where large playing or riding surfaces need to be irrigated, or where large quantities of soft water are needed for cleaning purposes.

All WISY's vortex fine filters are perfect for filtering process water. They are already successfully deployed in the paper, textile and food industries.

Extremely high drainage capacity

The WFF 300 can process a water flow of up to 80 litres per second. This corresponds to the drainage volume for a projected roof area of 3000 m² (32,292 sq.ft.) (for typical rainfall levels in Germany). As with all WISY filters, the cross-sectional area for rainwater flow does not change at any point inside the filter, i.e. to ensure the free flow of water, the cross section is not restricted at any point. There is no risk of blockage even during torrential rainfall events which may flush large quantities of debris into the filter. The vortex fine filter meets the requirements defined by EN 12056 / EN 752 and also conforms to DIN 1989

Adjustable outlet angle and optional extension tube

The rainwater inlet and the filtered water outlet can be freely rotated in the horizontal plane so that the unit can be adjusted to fit the existing piping at the installation site. The dirty water outlet is a vertical pipe at the bottom of the unit to which an elbow can be attached to direct the water flow in any horizontal direction. Even pipes that are installed deep below ground level can be connected to the vortex fine filter using the optional extension tube.

Housing with vehicle-duty capacity and non-slip cover

The non-slip cover and the housing of the vortex fine filter 300 are so rugged in design that they have a vehicle-duty capacity of up to 60 metric tons (depending on version) (vehicles as defined by DIN1072 / SLW60). The WFF 300 is also available in an alternative lighter version for pedestrian traffic or vehicles weighing up to 12 metric tons.

Child safety device

Owing to its large diameter, the vortex fine filter 300 is equipped as standard with a child safety device. This prevents children or other unauthorized persons from entering the filter and placing themselves in danger.

Easy to maintain — low-maintenance design

All WISY filter inserts are designed for very low maintenance. It is virtually impossible for debris or dirt to stick to their smooth, stainless-steel surface. As a result, the filter inserts are self-cleaning and have a long service life. When necessary, the filter insert can easily be lifted out of the housing by means of the supplied lifting handle for cleaning by a high-pressure cleaner or in the dishwasher.

Delivery time 6-8 weeks

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