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PressureWave Pressure Tank - 24 liter

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PressureWave™ tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including booster systems, thermal expansion, irrigation systems, and hydraulic hammer arresting. The PressureWave Series is constructed of a virgin polypropylene liner combined with an FDA compliant high-grade butyl diaphragm. This is held against the wall of the tank with a
steel clench ring. The brass air valve, sealed by a threaded O-ring valve cap, prevents air leaks. Water enters the tank through a patented stainless-steel water connection. The diaphragm and liner are both reinforced in specifi c wear areas for longer life. All internal parts including the air valve are rounded to prevent piercing of the diaphragm in extreme conditions. The water connection uniquely provides a dual water/air seal ensuring a complete leak-free and
maintenance-free pressure tank.

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