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Wall mounted rainwater purification unit

4 Stage rainwater filtration system

  • R 9,80000
  • Save R 1,20000

This system can be connected to your rainwater pump to purify the rainwater to potable standard. It has been designed as an indoor system. 

This unit has been pre-configured and tested in our factory and can be installed and connected by a plumber to rainwater pump.  The system will remove all particles larger that 1 micron from the water. The activated Carbon will remove all chlorine smell and bad taste. The KDF granular media will remove heavy metals from the water. A Ultraviolet light will sterilize the water and make it safe to drink. The system is designed for a flow-rate of 40 liters per minute at 6 Bar

 Note - this system will not soften hard borehole water. It will only improve the quality of the water and not remove the hardness 

This system can be bolted on a wall. It consists of :

 Three 20 inch  filter housing

  • One - 20 Micron pleated cartridge filter
  • One  - 1 Micron  pleated cartridge filter
  • One Activated carbon filter with granular KDF media
  • System has two female 1 inch connection on both sides
  • One wall mounting bracket with bolts
  • Three filters are pre-mounted to the bracket and interconnected
  • Correctly sized UV sterilizer   
  • Detailed installation instructions


The cartridge filters require replacement once a year. The UV light bulb once a year  and the Activated carbon filter once every two years 

Warning! In order to protect you and prevent the purified rainwater from flowing back into the municipal water supply you have to install a backflow preventer valve. This can only be done by an approved plumber. 


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