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Grundfoss CM3-5 Booster Pump with pressure tank and controller

  • R 15,90000

This silent and reliable CM3-5 Grundfoss booster pump set will provide 40l – 50l water per minute at 3.5 to 5 bar to a household. The system is pre-configured and tested in our factory before shipment. It is plug and play and the installer can simply connect the suction to the tank and the discharge to the water supply line.

This is our preferred booster pump configuration for all our applications. It is energy efficient, runs silently and trouble-free for many years.  It can be used as a rainwater or backup water supply pump.

The pump is coupled to a Global Water Solutions’ 24 litre PressureWave® series pressure tank (with a 5 year rust free guarantee). The pressure tank increases the longevity of the pump and reduces the energy consumption of the system, which makes it perfect for solar installations. The design and construction of the PressureWave® pressure tank ensures that the system will operate reliably and efficiently for many years without the need to replace EPDM bladders or recharge the air in the cylinder. Pump control is provided by Global Water Solutions’ PumpWave® series electronic pump controller. The controller is designed to work in conjunction with the pressure tanks. The cut in pressure can be adjusted from 1.9 to of 3.5bar which is very useful when the system is used in multi-story buildings. The controller protects the pump from dry running when there is no water left in the tank, removing the need for a float switch.

The system comes configured with a course strainer on the suction to protect the pump and and self cleaning fine strainer on the outlet. 

This is ideal for solar based system. Limited stops and starts as well as low energy consumption has proved it to be successful in many systems that use solar panels and batteries