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KDF  20 inch BB filter cartridge

KDF 20 inch BB filter cartridge

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20 Inch filter for water filtration. Will fit into any big blue 20 inch filter

The KDF85-20BB is an industry standard size cartridge, approximately 20 inches in length and 4 ½ inches in diameter.  It fits into a vast array of industry standard size filter housings, The KDF85-20BB is a KDF85 and granular activated carbon combination filter. The KDF media is perfect to remove that nasty smell from the water. The granular activated carbon, removes a long list of organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as a variety of VOC’s, which are volatile organic compounds. And it will generally make your water taste and smell better, smell better.  KDF stands for kinetic degradation fluxion, and is a high purity copper zinc alloy, while the KDF gives the filter a bacteriostatic feature so that microorganisms cannot live and grow in the filter mediam, it also captures heavy metals and will slightly lower your hardness. It’s not a major function of this media, but it does have an effect on calcium, turning some of it into harmless calcite crystals, which cannot precipitate out of the water and form scale. It is thus  a multi-function media.

In your normal rainwater purification system you would replace this cartridge once every two years. 

Reduces the following contaminants:
Chlorine Taste & Odor
Hard Scale
Heavy Metals

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