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5000l Raincell backup water system

5000l Raincell backup water system

  • R 25,20000

We will supply and fit the following:

  1. One  – 5000l Raincell backup water tank placed at the selected area. (client to provide platform near municipal water supply)
    1. The tank will be properly sealed and insect proofed.
    2. A level indicator will be installed so the water level in the tank will be visible to you.
    3. We will connect the municipal supply to the tank with a float valve system. It will continually fill the tank - once it is full it will automatically close off the supply. As you use the water it will open again. Thus the tank will always be full and you are assured of at least 2500l of water supply should the municipality water supply become interrupted.
    4. 1 – multistage high pressure stainless steel  pump and pressure control system connected to the tank. The pump has been sized to deliver sufficient water and pressure when the municipal pressure drops. The pump will be connectd to the tank with a pressure controller. If you open a tap in your house the pump will start automatically and shut down when it is closed. The pump will automatically shut it down if the tank is empty for whatever reason. Customer to supply a 220V connection within a 1.2 m radius from the pump installation
    5. Pump is covered with a pumpcover 
    6. Flexible and copper pipes, valves, fittings and pressure gauges to connect the system to the current water supply of the house
  2. This system will only act as a bypass system and will have  switch on AUTOMATICALLY when municipal pressure is interrupted and switch off when the pressure has been restored. 

This system will provide the average household with enough water for about 3 days. 

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