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250l Backup water system - Plug and Play

  • R 8,90000

This system is pre-configured and can be installed by a DIY customer or a plumber. requires a 220V plug and a water supply.  

It is ideal for a small coffee shop or kitchen that requires a small amount of water when there is an interruption to the water supply. It give the shop or premises 250 of water as a backup until the municipal supply is reconnected .

How does it work: It is connected into the supply to the premises and operates as active the whole time, thus keeping the water fresh. If the water pressure drops away the system will continue to work until the drum is empty. Once the municipal supply is re-instated the drum will fill up and reset. 

Your customers wont even notice and you will keep supplying them with Fresh coffee. 

System consists of a 250l Water drum, A internal pump pumping at 2 bar, A pressure controller, internal water top up float valve and piping with a power connector.